Kazar Wafai went Best Male today with CACIB at NKK Int Show in Rogaland! He was judged by Eli Marie Klepp (N)

Proud owner: Borghild Birkenes, Askøy.


Ch Kazar Ural went BOB at The Norwegian Sighthound Club in Drammen under Ingela Kyrklund, S.

30.08.16  Whippet puppies! 

Thursday morning Laura gave birth to ten healthy puppies (7+3). Proud father is Multi CH, Crufts winner Courteborne Sheldon! Enquieries from loving (show)homes are very welcome!r



29.08.16 Trondheim Dog Festival, Day 1. Multi CH Kazar Ural BOB (not shown in finals today).

Judge: Ligita Zake

28.08.16 T.D.F. Day 2. M.CH Kazar Ural BOB and Group-2 under Svein Helgesen and T. Griffin.

13.08.16 Multi CH Kazar Ural BOS at Lillehammer Int KC Show. Judge: Nicola Smolic

07.07.16 Svenstavik, Sweden: M.Ch Kazar Ural went BOB and Group-3 under judge Britt Schøne Brodwall.

Steppdance Laura Biscotti

Steppdance Laura Biscotti

Whippet litter.

Laura´s pregnancy is confirmed and puppies are due around August 26th! Enquieries from loving homes are welcome. More info at "Planned litters" and "Our Whippet". Contact info at the "Welcome page"

30/31.07.16 Young Pimms (Kazar Wahid) had a great weekend at "The Skokloster Summer Show" in Strømsholm, Sweden. From junior class, just 13 mths old, he went BM-4 with res. CAC on Saturday under Brett Hamilton and BM-2 on Sunday at The Special under Helena Arh.

Owner: Lena Hamel.

03.07.16 At The NKC Show in Trondheim, we showed our young Italian greyhound Maud (Dogcastle's Aurora). Beating champions, she went BOS with CAC under judge Sanda Terzic. 

02.07.16 Kazar Qasida was BOB veteran and Bestin Show-3 veteran today at The Norwegian Sighthound Club show in Trondheim. Sæta is 12 years.

Owner: Kristjana Kristiansen.

02.07.16 So proud of our Ali! Today, at The Norwegian Sighthound Club in Trondheim, Norway, he went all the way to BEST IN SHOW! 
Judge: Niclas Ericsson, Sweden

CIB, N,S, DK CH Kazar Ural

19.06.16.The Swedish Sighthound Club, Umeå; Kazar Wahid: BOS, CAC. Judge: Beatrix Maerki.

18.06.16. The Swedish Kennel Club, Umeå; Kazar Wahid: BM-2, CAC. Judge: Robero Posa.

Pimms is owned by Lena Hamel.

04.06.16. At The Norwegian Borzoi Commitee's show in Drammen today, Kazar Wahid went Best Male 2 and Best in Show Junior under judge Jean Clare

Pimms is owned by Lena Hamel, Sweden

24.04.16, Great news from Oslo/Letohallen:
N,DK CH Kazar Volga 
Best of Breed and Best of Group !!!
Owner: Susanne Strøm, Knl Steppdance


16.04.16 Kazar Wafai went BOB with CAC from juniorclass at the NKC international show in Bergen, N. Judge: Jochen Eberhardt. Owner: Borghild Birkenes. 


26.03.16 Great news from Ireland! Kazar Utkin took another CAC and CACIB + BOB and BOG-3 at an Int Show under judge T. Rohlin.


20.03.16 Kazar Wahid, owner Lena Hamel, Sweden, made his debut in juniorclass under sighthound specialist Ray Lindholm at a Swedish sighthound show. He won BM-2 with CAC and went all the way to BEST IN SHOW Junior in a very heavy competition!


Kazar Wafai

Kazar Wafai

19.03.16 Kazar Wafai made his debut as junior at Nordhordland HK under Kitty Sjong.

He won CAC,BOB and BOG-2

Proud owner: Borghild Birkenes.

19.03.16 Kazar Utkin won CAC, CACIB, BOB and Winner title at the Celtic Winner Show in Ireland under judge Mrs U. Rigney and shown by Walter Albert


DK, N CH Kazar Volga have been to three shows so far this year:

20.02.16 NKC, Bø: Res CACIC BB-2 under Torbjørn Skaar

05.03.16 Leto: BOB, BOG-4 under Henrik Johansson

12.03.16 NKC, Kristiansand: BOB,CACIB under Lisbeth Liljeqvist

Celine is owned by Susanne Strøm. Knl Steppdance, N.

Sighthound of The Year 2015 # 6

Great news from The Norwegian Sighthound Club today!

Ali (CH Kazar Ural) was No 6 Mostwinning Sighthound in Norway last year. He was sparingly shown with only 5 counting entries in 2015, but had some pretty good results!

Del denne siden